Manazel was founded in May 2006 and headquarter is situated in Abu Dhabi. Manazel is one of the most reputed and leading real state brands in UAE or United Arab of emirates. Flourishing community properties in the 21st century.

Manazel has incomparab le vision and strategy that is based on the future development of the Nation. The firm has decided to focus on the development of residential compounds and multi-purpose property real estate targeted to middle class segment. Due to this strategy, this firm has overcome most of the issues that were faced by the real estate sector in the past year. Therefore, Manazel has successfully delivered flourishing communities that are rich in services and amenities in a well-designed and planned environment.

Manazel has adopted the highest quality standards and values and has invested in commercial and residential development that equalize between the making thriving and sustainable communities and also creating desirable returns to the shareholders. Since, prices frequently affect the quality standard. However, Manazel has been successful in decreasing the disparities between the price and quality standard to make a vast range of affordable yet quality real estate, which can fulfill the lifestyle and aspirations of the customers. All these real estate investments are under Islamic laws.

We are proud to be successful in playing a major role in building, planning, community partnership, and, investment, and business management. Our team includes highly skillful and competitive individuals who excel in their field. We believe in equality and provides equal opportunity for our staff to achieve their full capabilities and potential and harness their energy.

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